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    Default Lost Calstar out of MB

    If anyone happens to "catch" a Calstar rod off the SM with an old Penn Senator 4/0 attached (with a sticky drag!)...plus about 110' of 65# spectra attached to a 3# ball, sling blade dodger and a 6" white hoochie I'd really appreciate its return.
    I lost this outfit off South Shell Mounds on Saturday afternoon doing some bounce-balling. The drag stuck on the old senator and the nicest rod I've ever owned (built by Jeremy Peterson of Bad Addition custom rods) went flying over the side in the blink of an eye. The rod may also have the SS rod holder stuck on the butt.
    If you happen to "catch" this rod while fishing this area I would offer a reward for its return. I'd go "fish" for it myself, but my boats been in the shop for the past 3 months (but that's another story for another post).
    Thanks for your help!
    Steve Hendricks

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    If you get it back I'll be happy teach you real easy how to stop that drag problem so that won't happen again.

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    Fishmaster...I will be bouncing the SM on Sunday (maybe tomorrow too) and will let you know if we catch fishing tackle rather than fish...You either hooked a big fish or a bigger rock...Jeff

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