Took A few Active duty VAFB men out For vets weekend trip
Plus sent a couple of freinds to MB for anglers anonymous Vets trip sat.
Thanks pegleg & guys. hope you caught something/ had fun and were safe .

Camped with friends Thursday near DCPP gate.

Spoke2 Vince C (Jurasic fish club on parker 2150) after his calm drizly purisima trip, said he&crew did pretty good mix rock and Ling no exotic.

Friday, wind starting up at sunup , bait jumping around breakwater tip.

Beat west <16 knot to 40fathom and got mostly blue , yellow mix medium sizers.

Didnt fish much myself, but got them each about 7 fish mostly blue and 2- 24" class lings for boat
tossed a dozen dinkers. 1 vermillion 1canary 1 keeper starry amd 1 chuckle to ad a bit of color to the brown blue mix
came in early slowly and let them fish brown dirty bay for 2 "kingfish" until wind again caught up with us, pulled boat and sent them with bags of fish to take home and to their vets day fry.
Though I heard windfall up at MDO on vhf?
hope to get another trip or 2 in before end of season.
BTW Work dock was under water with sea lions weight when we came in should have taken a picture.
Thanks for your service