What do you use stimulator ,goofus bug or say a Dahlburg diver?
Ive caught some nice fish on dahlburg divers not all of them black bass,some white,stripers and one rather large muskie.
For those who are not familiar with the pattern basic spun deer hair with a collar the collar actually lets it shallow dive,when popped surface its a rather large commotion.It can however be tied smaller so less agressive fish will hit.
Flouresent yellow was my favorite along with a lime or chart.about a 2/0.
After that not the stimulator but a large goofus bug.Its also easy tie a mono loop weed guard on when tying,can be used around and in things a tad better.
My 8=9 weight is kaput so now when delving into the past have to use an old 7 weight.And while I have several normal reels I generally use my dads perrine automatic.

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