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    Default Sunday 11/12 Morro Bay report

    My buddy Bill and I took our 14 year old daughters out this morning on the Katy B and the girls slayed the rockfish...We fished shallow between 75-100 ft below the abalone farm and picked up an easy 40 fish limit plus 1 very fat lingcod...Very little swell and just enough wind to keep the drift going....Swimbaits and buck tail jigs with squid worked OK for the old guys but the girls outfished is 5-1 using straight bait on the dropper / torpedo sinker combo with small strips of freezer burned yellowfin belly or squid..We left the dock at 6:30 and were cleaning fish by 10:30...Too bad I️ have to work tomorrow or I️ would be right back out....Jeff

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    Good Job!
    Thanks for the report.
    Always great to get kids out fishing.

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    Katy B and crew will be back out tomorrow and Sunday; most likely fishing shallow off MDO/Hazards...Catch up on Ch#68....Jeff

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    Fishing for lingcod was good on Saturday in #60-80ft off Hazards...Jeff

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