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Thread: What's My Line?

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    Post Flounder Jigs

    I was shopping in New Jersey at one of my favorite Tackle Shops.
    I saw a brand name of lure which was new to me.

    Made in the U.S.A. I want to try these for my
    flounder fishing.
    Magictail Jigs made here on the East Coast by
    a proud local fisherman.
    They are making a MOJO RIG too.
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    Lightbulb Googly Eyed Fishing Lures

    The old tackle company "Jeros Tackle"
    sold a google eyed trolling lure years ago.

    I think it is a good idea to glue bigger eyes on to lures.

    Fish recognize the eye

    I tried adding googly eyes to some flounder jigs.

    Then I added eyes to a big swimming plug!

    I will report on these modified lures as I fish with them.

    Big game trolling lures sometimes have googly eyes.

    I was looking for the big tuna lures so
    I searched for:
    "Googly Eyed Squid"

    This squid is the cutest fish in the sea!

    Look at this news story
    About google eyed fish
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    Post "Mantis Shrimp - New Penny" is the Hot New Pattern for Fluke !

    Mantis Shrimp - New Penny Color

    is the hot new Gulp Pattern for Fluke (summer flounder) this year.

    The fishermen found shrimp in the bellies of the fluke caught off the
    shore of Brigantine and Atlantic City.
    So the bait shops ordered Gulp in a pink shrimp version and they have worked.

    I tried some but it was the wrong day, I didn't catch with squid and spearing either.

    Bigger hooks for less throwbacks and no gut hooked fish.
    Farleigh Dickenson did a study with hook size and fluke mortality,
    a bigger hook reduces gut hooked fish and produces less throwbacks.
    The study was for "J" hooks, the regular shape fish hook.

    I usually use the Wide Gap hook. Also called English Bend
    or Khale Hook. Gamakatsu calls them Shiner Hooks.
    This type is widely used for Fluke fishing and doesn't
    tend to get swallowed by the fish (gut hooked).

    Hook size test

    I caught with all 3 sizes this week.
    3/0 - 4/0 & 5/0
    The big hook holds more bait.

    A 5/0 hook caught me a keeper 18 inch fish.
    The hook wasn't too big for the smaller
    Fluke to be caught.

    I bought Owner brand Khale Hooks, they have a dark finish. I like darker hooks, swivels & sinkers.
    There is a straight eye or an offset eye,
    I am not sure which one is better.
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    Post End of Season

    At the end of a fishing season it is a good idea to maintain your fishing gear.

    Strip the line from your reels. Soak and dry them off. Oil and grease now so parts won't freeze up over the winter.

    It sucks to assume everything is working, then you get to the fishing spot (in the spring) and then no go because your reel stopped working.

    Fix your fishing reels yourself.
    You can get parts and schematics for reels at...

    Send off a reel repair.
    It is worth it if the repair is cheaper than a new reel.

    Here are a few good repair shops.

    In the Northwest: Mikes
    In Florida
    Long Island, NY.
    A few times I used Penn and that was fine too.

    Buy a used fishing reel on E-Bay
    If you like older reels or you just don't want to pay full price.

    When your fishing stops for winter or what ever reason,
    extend the hobby time with:

    Tackle box clean up.

    Wash and dry your tackle box.

    Wash lures with dish soap. Rinse well.
    Stale odors on your gear are bad, they smell false or dead to fish.

    Use steel wool or Scotch Brite on tin lures.

    Replace the treble hooks on your spoons & plugs. Split rings and hooks are cheaper than new lures.

    Throw out junk, like old rigs
    and salvage components like swivels beads & hooks.

    Throw out that old Gulp liquid, it could be nasty.

    Go to your bait and tackle shop
    Buy extra of your favorite tackle item.

    It is better to be looking at it than looking for it.

    Cool sizes and varieties of Gulp on sale.

    If there is something you use up all the time, it may be hard to get next spring.
    Get it now, you may never know.
    Some special size swivel or lure.

    I was looking for the slip sinkers (egg sinkers) that are long and oval.
    The oval resists twist better than the cannon ball shape.

    And I found some odd 1&1/2 Oz. flat banks sinkers that are the best in the rocks for blackfishing.
    I lose sinkers from 1 to 3 ounces every year hunting for tautog.

    Inspect your rods, cracked line guides can ruin your monofilament and you don't know until your line is shredded. Fishing poles can have other hidden defects, crushed ferrules, cracked fiberglass, ruined reel seat.
    Look them over, it is easy to fix rods.

    I was at a Bass Pro Shop and saw the Fuji rod tip gauge
    to find the size and a dozen different rod tip sizes.
    This makes it easy to fix the most common rod problem.
    Broken Rod Tip

    Or buy a new rod that you have wanted.

    Get it in the fall clearance sale, don't pay full price when you need one in a hurry.


    Read up on fish and fishing in magazines, the web, books.
    Watch fishing on TV.

    Go on social media... read about the sport and write about your experiences.

    If you took moving pictures or still photos... play around with them and make you tube movies or forum postings with photos.

    I have a You Tube Channel
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    Post Hook Size Chart

    Hook and hardware sizes.

    I have occasionally bought the wrong size from catalog and on line sellers.
    More than once, I have wound up with hooks and hardware too small to use.

    Mostly because I didn't look at any kind of size chart.

    I think a catalog, or one of these PDF charts is what I need.

    Eagle Claw


    This one is hard to get directly that is why I used a 2nd link up.

    P.D.F. Tackle Charts - These 3 are pretty good.

    Janns Netcraft

    TMC Hooks

    Black Magic

    Once I couldn't figure out which "Spin-Glo" propeller to buy so I got one of each.
    I have those things so small and so big I will never use them all.
    Most recently I wanted Made In U.S.A. swivels from Roscoe Tackle Company.

    Look at this teeny tiny swivel.

    This is what I got… I can’t tie 10 Lb Test to this tiny swivel. Who uses this?

    These hook companies websites are helpful too:

    Eagle Claw


    VMC Rapala

    That is one advantage of the local bait shop.
    When in a retail store you can see the item right in front of you.
    You can physically see if it is the right size or not.

    Also your bait shop captain will stock the useful tackle for the local waters.
    So you are looking at the proven fishing tackle for your area.

    Hook styles and sizes are not the same across all manufacturers.

    The sizes do have a uniform system, a size one is the largest fresh water size, then 2 is smaller 3 smaller and so on 32 is the smallest.
    Above zero are the salt water sizes. 1/0 is a small salt water size, 2/0 is bigger 3/0 is bigger still... up to 27/0 for the shark in "Jaws"

    Hook Diagram

    Some Hook Styles

    J Hook is most regular shape

    Abardeen is a long shank hook with a full round bend

    A Carlisle hook has a long shank, a tighter bend and an offset point.

    O'Shaunesee is a medium shank hook.

    The Sproat hook has a tighter bend
    than Abardeen with a straight point

    A Limerick hook, has the tightest bend, like a sharp corner close to the point.

    is when the point is bent to one side to catch the jaw when setting the hook.

    is a compact shape hook much like the Salmon Egg shape.
    You can cover the octopus hook completely with bait.

    , English Bend, Shiner or Wide Gap.
    Is a wide gap hook which prevents gut hooked fish with certain types of fishing.

    is a type of hook that sets itself, does not tend to get hooked in the gut of the fish.
    Many gamefish tournaments require circle hooks.

    Circle Offset like the regular circle hook but the point is bent out like a kirby hook to have more certain hook ups.

    Trailer Hooks are single or double.
    Use a trailer to catch short striking fish.

    Treble Hook is only to be used on lures, never bait. It is un necessary to have 3 hooks together with bait. You will rip the fish's face off with bait and a treble hook.
    There is s 4 hook model, I saw them in a catalog. W0W

    is a newer modern shape hook with a curve in the shank, it is good with live bait.

    Demon Circle is a trademark circle hook... I have not tried.

    Some added features are:

    The eye can be flat or offset (turned up or turned down) the offset eye can be used for snelling.
    A rotated eye (In the same plane as the hook bend) is used on jig head hooks.
    There are other eye types: needle eye, open eye, closed and ring eyes.

    Some shank features are: the Bait-Hold hook which has barbs to hold bait on to the shank.
    Cam action and "Tru Turn" hooks have strategic bends in the shank to make the point go into the jaw of the fish when setting the hook.
    Weighted shanks are made for plastic worms and grubs.

    Knife-Edge, Beak-Point, Hollow-Point, turnned in and straight points are variations of the point... as well as how stout or slender the point is made.

    Barbless Hooks are used for catch and release fishing.

    Reverse barb (pointed out)
    I saw reverse barb on a dual trailer hook.

    All of these type books come in a thin wire size or in heavy duty forged thicker wire.
    Depending on the size of fish you are after.
    International Fish Hook Brand Names

    From Norway
    Gamakatsu Japan
    Owner Japan
    VMC (Rapala) France


    Are some ok Chinese hooks and hardware that I see in shops

    Eagle Claw, proudly, still makes hooks in Colorado.
    The Trokar ones are awesome! I am trying more Eagle Claw brand hooks when I can.

    For a long time in fish hooks were mass produced in England. England was the world leader until Mustad took most of the business to Norway for most of the 20th century.
    Partridge of Reddich and Cox & Rawle are 2 companies still producing fish hooks in Britain.

    So use the hook size chart
    and print it from the PDF file so it will be size correct.
    Avoid buying the wrong size hooks etc.
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    Post The Fishing Restaurant

    Japanese Style Fishing Restaurant

    For my birthday, I went with my family to the Japanese fishing restaurant in Manhattsn.

    The Place

    On West 24th Street near 7th Avenue the restaurant took over the whole building, gutted it from wall to wall and built a giant ship integrated with 3 dining levels and 4 giant fish tanks.

    When you walk in the whole 3 story front is dominated by a video screen showing animations of traditional Japanese art.

    You walk under the bow of their giant wooden boat and you are greeted by the staff of fishing restaurant workers.

    The Bait

    Shown here a treble hook for snagging fish that don't bite. Also you get a fishing license and a little pole.

    You are catching captive fish, lobster, crabs even abalone by bait, snagging or net catching.

    One rule...

    No catch and release, they don't want you to hook a fish and give it back.

    When you catch a fish they bang a drum and chant some wonderful good luck thing in Japanese.

    The service is great.

    100% respect all the time from every employee.

    This adds to the fun.
    You catch fish from 4 big tanks.

    The Catch

    Everybody in my family caught something different.
    Lobster, Striped-Bass, Fluke and Salmon.

    The Food

    Our fish was made up as Sashimi, broiled, tempura, soy sauce, and shabu shabu.

    All authentic Japanese side dishes available, I got vegetable tempura, edamame and assorted pickles.

    We wanted rice, fine, free!

    This is a luxury dinner, not cheap but fun, we were there two and a half hours.

    The fishing restaurant is awesome!

    For a New York City thing,
    it is better than 24 hour all you can eat sushi on 32nd Street.
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    Default Headless Chicken Sea Monster

    Australian researchers discovered this Sea Cucumber
    species while researching the effects of long line fishing.
    Found in the Southern Ocean (Antarctica) this creature has only been seen once before.
    This is a deep water animal so you won't find it wrapped around your line on the beach.
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