I started out by fishing the normal hotspots and it worked perfectly. It makes it easier to know when the fish will bite. Well, even better...you can use the minnow as a fish finder basically. When you're having trouble getting bites, instead of just tossing out your minnow into a hotspot and waiting for a bite, cast out and wait about 20-30 seconds and if the minnow doesn't start swimming around like crazy, just reel in your line 5-10 feet. Then wait for it to start swimming around all crazy again, if not, reel in a bit more. Once it starts swimming around all crazy, just wait and it'll abruptly pause in one spot and 1-3 seconds later, get ready to set the hook. This helps you proactively find the fish instead of waiting for them. I catch wayyyy more now by using the minnow as a lure instead of bait.

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