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    I have heard a report that some bluefin were spotted 5 miles from Morro Rock. Not confirmed.

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    That wouldn't be surprising. Albacore wouldn't be out of the question either - heard about some being caught out WNW of the Rodriguez something like 4-6 weeks ago. Calm winds forecast next week.

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    Going to run for a tuna hunt on Friday. Hopefully slow trolling macks if we can find some.

    On 68 Anglermangement.


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    Week before last I was on the Royal Polaris out of SD with a couple passengers that work for DFW. When we got within cell service one of the officers texted a fellow DFW guy to see what's up. He told him that he was working on a boat laying fiber optics cable on the seafloor as an observer (to make sure no mammals were harmed). He said that 4 mile off of PSL he saw albacore. I asked him if he was sure because bonito have been caught along the coast. He texted him back to confirm they were albie, he said "yes, long fin, he saw them on the surface coming out of the water chasing bait". I believe that was the same day bluefin were caught behind Santa Cruz Island.
    Might be worth a look since it's so close the the beach. Bluefin at 5 miles?

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