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    Post Sheepshead Bay Party Boats 2018

    The Sunday before Columbus Day I took The Captain Dave out of Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn.
    A 9am boat till 4ish is a nice day.
    Porgies and Seabass
    Was the intended catch. Warm 70 to 80
    A 5 to 10 mph breeze blew from the ocean on and off.
    Cloudy, fog, almost drizzle all day.

    The Capt Dave is a good Sheepshead Bay boat
    Large and old, there is room for you and your stuff.
    Hard working mates give you everything, help with tangles and clean fish well.

    Fresh cut clams are provided, I brought a dozen bloodworms from
    Stella Maris

    First stop, I had fish immediatly.
    I had no sea bass.

    We shifted around New York harbor and Coney Island a few times.

    Sometimes we couldn't hold bottom with the fast current running out towards Long Island

    I had 8 porgies to keep.

    Everybody had a few porgies. I saw some small sea bass, some dog fish and an out of season fluke. (Fish can't read the end of season date)

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    Post Capitol Princess from East 23rd Street

    Sunday November 18th I took the
    Capitol Princess out of East 23rd Street in Manhattan.

    It was a cold cloudy November day, still.
    When I arrived there were guests waiting onboard.

    I was most worried about being cold today 41 degrees and overcast all day.
    I load up on pocket warmers and heat therapy chemical warmers.
    I used them once before and I think I like them.

    The fare is $90 for 9:30 am to 3:30 pm, so it is not cheap. They pay PLENTY for the slip.
    I live in Manhattan so I had to try it.

    We got to the fishing grounds of Staten Island by the Coast-Guard station in an hour.

    There was no bites at all so then we went to the coast of New Jersey.

    We stopped in Raritan Bay to jig for stripers, with 40 people onboard 8 stripers were caught, only one keeper.
    Over 3 spots we tried for an hour.
    Then to the Shrewsberry Rocks for blackfishing.

    In 3 more hours only 10 blackfish fish caught. Several dogfish.
    2 keepers, not too good.

    I waited too long, a storm blew all the fish away last week

    The Capitol Princess is a good fast boat, clean too.
    The all inclusive deal is bagels and coffee in the morning, lunchtime, sandwiches and sodas. It is well worth it. The free rental pole and all the tackle you would want.

    2 things you don't have to worry about.

    There is beer and drinks are available too.
    The mates work hard and put YOUR fishing ahead of THEIR fishing.
    I should try again.
    It is hard to beat 9:30 am. in Manhattan.
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    Thumbs up Blackfishing Aboard the Ocean Eagle V

    Blackfishing Aboard the Ocean Eagle V

    Dec 2nd 2018 I finally caught some blackfish (tautog)
    This was a hardcore day. Tough fishing.
    7 am to 3 pm. $60. plus five for the pool.
    Raining all day only 10 mph breeze from the South but the swells were big.

    We couldn't go to the southern grounds (too rough) so the Captain took us to a part of the Rockaway Reef.

    Fishing was slow, which the captain told me it would be slow when I called the day before on the phone.
    Capt. Gregg told us all it was an off day and it was rough when we left the dock.

    The captain moved the boat a couple of times during the day and shifted on the anchor lines to adjust the spot during each stop.

    Fishing on the Ocean Eagle is great,
    like fishing with your family that you don't see too often.

    (possibly the crazy side of your family)

    Plenty of live green crabs.
    White legged crab available too

    Bacon & eggs to hot dog or a cooked meal They have good food, not a cup noodle or potato chips galley.
    Bathroom is actually clean, The cabin is warm, not necessarily pretty.
    But who cares because the Captain really knows what he is doing and that is why we come.

    The mates tie you up with a sensible double hook rig.
    Eight or 6 Oz. sinker
    A stout leader with a snelled hook and a sliding hook.

    It worked well for me,
    I caught 10 shorts and 2 keepers.

    I was in a tie for the pool
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