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    Default PSL on Wednesday in the Warm Surface Water

    Finally got a chance to look at the water condition we r now experiencing all along our coast.
    Made a limit with no legal lings. Saw a jumbo porpoise next to the Harford landing, chasing bait and checking out the paddle boards.

    Had a real close examination of my fish, license, and even my ice, by two DFG officers and then Drew showed up as well.

    Flat calm all morning then a small chop about noon.

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    Default What kind of bait in port san luis ?

    Was there any anchovie in that bait you saw or was it all sardines...I want to launch my skiff next week and need some Butt bait. Thanks

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    If you are going to use a sabiki rig to make bait, I'd have some different hook sizes handy.
    You might get into anything.
    Mini Macs, Jack smelt, dines or chovies.

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    I was surf fishing Wednesday half way between Pismo Beach pier and the Grover Beach ramp. I had chovies in the surf and even some washed up on beach about 5" long and obviously had been hit by birds by the marks on them. They would have been great sized live bait.
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    The big guy I saw in PSL harbor was a harbor porpoise

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