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    Post By Hook or by Crook

    My Favorite fishing rods

    I fell on love with telescoping fishing rods
    in the 1980s

    Most telescoping fishing poles are rubbish.
    I would try a new one every couple of years but they come apart in the
    course of a few fishing sessions. Most low cost telescoping rods are heavy
    and clunky. I bought one for salt water and it was made for a lake.
    I should have known, from Minnesota, what ocean?

    Until I found my blue Shimano.

    My old Japanese telescoping pole with the Penn 704z.
    http://www.pennfishing.com/penn-reel...g/1315424.html Was a fantastic combo.
    This rod and reel are both available , new, in 2019.
    The Shimano Surf Leader. With the Fuji guides and reel seat.
    Wow is it a nice pole, but not really for travel.
    11 foot long at first, then I broke the tip off it and I wanted it stouter anyway.
    So I put the new tip at the ten foot point.

    Much better for my shore fishing, it was my favorite pole for 10 years.
    Collapsed they are almost 4 feet long.
    OK for a car but not a suitcase.
    The Surf Leader is so well designed.
    The rod blank is sturdy. Three hollow sections and one solid section at the end.
    It feels like one piece when opened up.

    Each line guide is special, the first one, the largest diameter, folds down flat to the rod, to avoid damage.
    The other guides are attached to the rod blank at the end of each section
    or they slide into position when the rod is put to use.
    An elegant soloution.

    The reel seat is also a unique precision locking mechanism not just coarse threaded nuts on a threaded shaft.

    Telescoping is a fun style,
    you get to the fishing spot and
    pull out your line in 5 seconds.
    Ready to fish. So cool!

    I eventually I had a crushing problem and could not collapse it anymore.

    That was the end, the Shimano is kind of expensive. A new Surf Leader would be nice , I just can't pay it again

    I went to a Sheepshead Bay Tackle Shop to buy a 10 foot Ugly Stik and it is my new normal.

    First with the Penn 704z and later a used Penn 105.

    Eventually I started buying Diawa BG 60s and now I have 2 matching 10 foot Ugly Stiks with Diawa BG 60s

    My New Normal Spinning Combo:
    Shakespeare Ugly Stik & Diawa BG 60

    At the rail of partyboats
    Penn Jigmaster and vintage Capitol fiberglass boat rod

    My party-boat fishing rod is a five and a half foot, one piece,
    HEAVYWEIGHT conventional boat rod made by
    Capitol Fishing Tackle in the 1970s.
    I bought it as new old stock in 1984 and have used it over 30 years now.
    On here I have a Penn Jigmaster also from 1984
    Re built by Penn Reel in Philidelphia, it still works like new.
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    Post Travel Fishing Rods

    My current travel rod situation:

    For years now, I use two
    7 foot Taunami Travel Rods with Penn 750 SS Reels

    but I only use them in Florida so they still seem like new.
    I have used the 10 pound class, 5 to 6 foot telescoping fresh water spinning poles

    especially for kids catching bluegills or snapper bluefish.
    You can set up closed faced Zebco combos
    as fast as the children can use them.
    It is kind of like fishing with a car radio antenna,
    not really a good pole.



    A cheap Chinese telescoping spinning rod,
    The Popeil Pocket Fisherman (Ronco)
    The Murray Reel hand line
    & The Eagle Claw travel rod

    I weii take these travel fishing systems to Florida, on vacation,
    to try them out in real fishing situations.

    When I get back from my winter trip, I will review these travel options.
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    Lightbulb Nautical Charts from NOAA and I Boating

    This is the most amazing website

    This the same bay, As viewed on the left Google and on the right from I-Boating

    i-Boating / Free Marine Navagation
    Nautical charts with water depths are searchable all over.
    There is a paid app but the free website is quite good for me.

    The NOAA service is very good too.

    Google Earth is a fun tool for looking at shoreline fishing spots.

    On a party-boat I don't always know where we are fishing and
    the mates don't tell you much.
    When I am not sure of my location I turn on Google Maps.

    I don't know what I would do with out on-line tide tables.

    https://tides4fishing.com/us is the tide table service I use.


    Is there a live navigation app. to turn my smartphone into a
    marine Garmin?

    I am looking for an app to install on my phone.
    I should be able to use the gps in my phone to
    show me where I am when I am on a boat.

    From Marine traffic - Amazing photos

    This website shows ships in the water for navigational safety.
    I look at this and recognize some of these big ships.
    I could look at this all day!
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    Exclamation Boy Dies from Fish Smell

    Allergic Reaction Caused a boy to die from the smell of fish being cooked.
    This is a very serious reminder to be careful of food allergies.
    Kids in school, your kids at home, maybe they never had shrimp before in their young lives.
    Then they try something new and one in 1000 kids could have a deadly reaction.

    Also we have to be aware of the possible toxic nature of fishing.
    Fish spines, poison coral, This summer, I had a crab pinch my so badly I got an infection.

    In Toms River,
    New Jersey man had his arms and legs partially amputated from infections he caught while crabbing.
    He almost died.
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    Talking Weird Things found on the Beach

    Tar balls found on the beach in Long Island.
    Stuff that washes up on the beach, Whales, Medical Waste, 1000 Dead Fish... it's always something
    The DEC collected over a ton of black petroleum "Tar-Balls" from Long Beach New York


    Mistaken meteorite found on the beach, in Tom's River, New Jersey.

    2 sisters saw a meteorite fall to earth and have found a huge crater on Silver Beach, in Tom's River, NJ.

    At the center of the crater was a coconut size black rock or something.

    The object has been sent to Philadelphia for study to try and determine the planet of origin.

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