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    Lightbulb Fishing Report from Brigantine NJ 2019

    Historic rail map of South New Jersey.

    I was looking up this railroad map to find the structure
    associated with railroad trestles behind Brigantine.
    The rail bridges used to go over the intercoastal waterway.

    This was the historic way on to Brigantine Island.

    Could an old map like this give you a hint of fishing spots?

    I had a freshwater fishing spot seen on an old map about the "Power House"
    on Roundout Creek, in High-Falls New York. It was super deep by the ruins
    of the hydro electric plant here from the early 1900s. guaranteed 3 Lb Largemouths!

    History Study

    I have been looking for productive shore spots in the Brigantine & Atlantic City area.

    One place that I found to fish is the Old Waterway Inn.

    On the Inter-Coastal waterway right by a man made canal of Venice Beach
    is the empty restaurant "The Old Waterway Inn".
    I had a little luck while trespassing on this property.
    I saw, on the ground outside, an old mill wheel with a plaque mounted in it.

    The Plaque reads
    "Chas. S. Bair - Commodore - Lulu Temple Yacht Club - 1920"

    I snooped around the Internet and found an article from the Press of Atlantic City - At the Shore by Emily Brill Sept 29th 2011.
    The article describes the new restaurant owner and her story of trying to re vitalize this lovely old place.

    The owner, in 2011, knew it was a huge huge project and her efforts didn't last.
    In this Press of Atlantic City article it is said that "Some old timers in the neighborhood told of the Old Waterway Inn's gangster past"
    It is commonly known that the Shriners of Philadelphia built the Yacht Club, with dock space along the intercoastal Waterway in the 1920s.
    And that Gangster types such as Nucky Johnson took over and would run illegal liquor distributions, at night, from this location.
    At best there was a lo class hotel upstairs (Brothel?) supposedly there is evidence of this operation still up there.

    The Old Waterway inn would still make a great restaurant and bar with Marina space or a fine condo someday.
    Now I just wonder if the
    Free Masons or the Mafia are watching me
    as I sneak in to try for flounder.
    There were some strange things that happened to me when I fished there in the summer of 2018
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