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    PSL Sport Launch and the PSL District will conduct a limited trial opening of the sport launch. As we move forward, operation is completely contingent on adherence to the new Covid-19 Launch Procedures and Rules regarding social distancing. In order for PSL Sport Launch to operate, we MUST adhere to the State and County shelter in place order which specifies recreating in your neighborhood and limiting discretionary travel.

    1) We allowed 30 trucks with trailers per day. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    2)The Port San Luis Parking lot will NOT be open for trucks and trailers until 30 min before Sport Launch opens- every day.

    3)No entering Port San Luis Parking lot until 5: a.m.

    4) No overnight parking allowed - Strictly day use from 5:00 a.m. -4 p.m. daily.

    5) The fish cleaning station is CLOSED, you must clean your fish at home.

    6) Hoist No. 1 and Old Port Beach Launch Ramp are closed.

    7) The boat wash is limited to two stations.

    8) Must wear a mask at all times when outside your vehicle.

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    This is a limited trial, if our boaters do not follow this new procedure or break any of the new rules, you will not be able to launch your vessel.

    Here is the new launch procedure.

    1) Please designate 1 person per boat to pay for the launch, purchase bait, tackle and ice. Only ONE Person in the store at a time.
    (Designated person Must know the length of your boat and if the trailer is slotted)


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    3. Please prepare your boat for launch before pulling into the launch bay, our staff will handle the straps and launch the boat. Prior to launch your fishing crew can wait on the dock (with mask on). The driver must stay in the vehicle during the launching procedure, then park your vehicle and proceed directly to dock to retrieve your boat and vacate the dock as soon as possible.

    4. Must maintain a 6ft Minimum distance. Please respect our employee's and launch operators by keeping your distance at all times.

    5. Truck and trailer parking available in the immediate parking lot. Day parking ONLY, Overnight parking is prohibited!

    6. Fish cleaning station and Hoist No. 1 - CLOSED.

    7. Do not congregate in the parking lot, at the launch or on the dock. Stay In your vehicle and do not gather in groups.
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    Sure hope everyone follows the rules. It looks easy enough for me but truth be told I mostly launch out of santa barbara and morro and I am sure the same rules will apply
    And a super big thanks for the info
    just saw some super sad news for me since I live in lompoc. I cant use morro bay launch but it does not say if I can use psl
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    Yes I just seen that as well. Morro Bay ramp is limited to SLO county residents only.

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    My 3 day salmon fishing trip just cancelled. Was ready to fish out of morro bay starting June 1. Anyone fishing tomorrow that can use a crew guy. Share expenses, help clean up etc. Call Efren 805 331-5415

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